Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2023


From July to September 2019, City of Parramatta Council invited community feedback on the Draft Crime Prevention Plan 2019 -2023.

The plan reflected priorities gathered through extensive stakeholder consultation and proposed specific actions for crime prevention and safety measures to:

  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Address the needs of identified vulnerable groups (women, young people, people experiencing homelessness, and social housing tenants)
  • Improve the look and feel of public spaces in the CBD and neighbourhoods
  • Increase a sense of attachment and community involvement in our neighbourhoods.

The community was asked to consider and rate the four priority areas, and to put forward other suggestions for creating a safer Parramatta if they believed anything was missing from the plan.

Finalising the plan and Council endorsement!

Following feedback from the community, some actions within the plan were modified to increase their scope or coverage. As an example community safety audits will be extended to all areas that may need assessment, rather than the two suburbs originally nominated in the plan, and actions to address the needs of vulnerable groups were expanded include the elderly.

The Draft Crime Prevention Plan was reviewed and updated to reflect community and stakeholder feedback. A revised plan was presented for Council’s consideration at its 9 December 2019 meeting.

Council endorsed the plan which is being shared with Police Commands and the Attorney General’s Office. Actions will be implemented with regular progress reviews.

See the resources section to see the final Crime Prevention Plan.