Local Centres Review 2023

Thank you for telling us how to improve your local town centre. Consultation closed at 11.59pm on Sunday 26 March 2023.

Help improve Parramatta's town centres!

We know our local town centres are important spaces for our community – it’s where you connect, socialise and do your much-needed shopping. But we also know that some of these local centres are in need of some extra love and care. This is why we're looking to you to tell us what really matters when it comes to our town centres! This is something we do every two years and we use your feedback to prioritise which centres need more urgent upgrades.

In early 2023, we asked you to tell us about your ideal town centre as well as about the local town centres you regularly visit. When we say your local town centre, we’re not just talking about the Parramatta CBD, we’re also talking about your local shops. There are 53 local centres spread out across the Parramatta Local Government Area and we want to know a little more about the ones you know and love.

Please note that while we want to deliver your ideal town centre, the reality is that we’re limited by our available budget, resources and our scope of influence over some spaces, i.e. there are some centres owned and managed by Council but some others that are privately owned. For the privately owned town centres, our scope of influence and what we can actively change is limited, but we can leverage your feedback and pass onto the owners.

The consultation period closed at 11:59pm on Sunday 26 March 2023.

Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your thoughts! We are now in the process of reviewing your feedback.