Phillip Street - Smart Street


Council is moving forward with the second stage of upgrade works along Phillip Street, Parramatta, connecting the planned upgrades of Parramatta Wharf and Charles Street Square to the Eat Street Precinct and Bankwest Stadium.

The proposed works include the widening of the footpath on the southern side of Phillip Street between Smith Street and Charles Street to accommodate outdoor dining, as well as the installation of 'smart city elements' and an 'urban forest' of mature trees.

Proposed works

  • Widening the footpath to improve pedestrian accessibility and allow for outdoor dining
  • Planting of new plants and street trees for the provision of shade
  • Construction of anew pedestrian crossingat the corner of Phillip Street and Charles Street to improve pedestrian accessibility and safety
  • Installation of smart city elements including:
    • Condition-responsive lighting that will increase energy efficiency and enable Council to control lighting levels and timing
    • Street furniture with built-in USB charging ports
    • Smart irrigation
    • CCTV
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Compactor bins with sensors
    • Digital screens displaying environmental data and other relevant data (e.g. next ferry arrival)
    • Water misting for temperature cooling.

The draft notification plan in the resources section provides further details.

Next steps

Detailed design plans were finalised in October 2023 and the tender process completed early 2024.

Council will be progressing with the construction works in July 2024.

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