135 George Street & 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel Site)

In late 2021, the City of Parramatta exhibited a Planning Proposal, with its respective draft site-specific DCP and draft Planning Agreement, for land at 135 George Street and 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel site).

The Planning Proposal sought to amend the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011 to permit higher density development on the site generally in accordance with the height and density that has been tested under the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal (see useful links).

December 2022 - Update

The new planning controls proposed to be introduced to the site by the CBD Planning Proposal have been deferred for a 12 month time period by Parramatta Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011 (Map amendment 4). This map amendment maintains the existing controls for the site being a Height of Buildings control of 54 metres and a Floor Space Ratio of 4:1. Parramatta LEP 2011 (Map Amendment 4) was made as a minor amendment under Section 3.22 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act for the purpose of deferring the applicability of the CBD Planning controls on this site for a period of 12 months. The purpose of this temporary amendment is to allow sufficient time for Council to execute the Planning Agreement for the site as endorsed at Council’s Meeting on 14 March 2022.

The Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal amended controls will apply to the site at 135 George Street & 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel Site) from 14 October 2023 and will permit a building with a maximum height of 165.6 metres (including all bonuses) and floor space ratio of 12:1 including all bonuses.

The amended Part 6 City Centre of the Parramatta DCP 2011 provides detailed built form controls for the subject site, relating to building form, setbacks, street wall height, public domain and landscape, pedestrian connectivity, access, parking and servicing, flood risk management, heritage provisions and sustainability. Please note: the DCP controls that apply to the site under the amended Part 6 are relevant to the development density that will be permitted for the site from 14 October 2023.

March 2022 - Council Resolution

On 14 March 2022, Council resolved to endorse the draft Development Control Plan (DCP) and to finalise the draft Planning Agreement. The decision of Council also noted the Gateway alteration issued by the (then) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on 28 October 2021 determining that the site specific Planning Proposal at 135 George Street & 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel Site) should not proceed on the basis that the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal is a more efficient way of achieving the objectives of the site-specific Planning Proposal.

To access the Council report and subsequent Minutes (refer to Item 13.9), please go to:

Draft Planning Agreement

Council has negotiated a Draft Planning Agreement with the property owners to enable a monetary contribution towards community infrastructure in the Parramatta CBD and also for the dedication of land, creation of public easements and public domain embellishment works within the site.

More information is available in the Draft Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note.

Council has resolved to approve the draft Planning Agreement and has delegated authority to Council’s CEO to finalise the Planning Agreement and sign it on Council’s behalf. The draft Planning Agreement is not a legal document until it is signed and executed by all parties.

Public exhibition concluded

Public exhibition concluded at 5pm on Thursday 30 September 2021.

If you need assistance, please contact Felicity Roberts - Project Officer (City Planning and Design) on 02 9806 5710 or planningproposals@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au.