Parramatta Night City Framework 2020-2024


The night time economy is an important part of the economic, social, cultural and environmental fabric of the City of Parramatta. Council is planning for a 24-hour CBD in the future, as well as later trading local centres that provide a variety of great experiences with appeal to a broad cross-section of our community.

The Parramatta Night City Framework, details how we will build a safe, diverse and exciting night city in Parramatta and its centres. On 10 February 2020, Council resolved to endorse a 5-year night time economy strategy for the City of Parramatta, the Parramatta Night City Framework 2020-2024 (PNCF).

What did you say?

During October and November in 2019, we sought your feedback to help us prioritise our actions to reflect our community’s aspirations and ensure we work constructively to make meaningful change to the city experience at night.

  • 86% of respondents who identified as female and 63% of respondents who identified as male, supported Council’s vision of a Parramatta night city
  • 85% either agreed or strongly agreed that Parramatta needs a more diverse range of night time activities outside of food and drink
  • 80% of respondents identified that safe and vibrant centres are most important when thinking about a night-time city
  • Who participated?
  • 12,000 branded coasters distributed to 11 venues across the Parramatta CBD
  • 1,176 individuals participated in the Parramatta Lanes Pop-Up
  • 11 one-on-one meetings
  • 155 survey responses received via Council’s engagement portal
  • 79% of respondents were residents of Parramatta

What's next?

The finalised and endorsed framework will now be implemented in collaboration with partners and the community over the next five (5) years.

The PNCF contains over 80 actions for Council across 6 focus areas:

  • Focus 1 – Planning for a future 24-hour CBD and late trading centres
  • Focus 2 – Parramatta as a centre of late-night business, leisure and culture
  • Focus 3 – A night city supported by infrastructure
  • Focus 4 – Promoting Parramatta as a thriving night time destination
  • Focus 5 – Keeping our city safe and engaging our community
  • Focus 6 – Parramatta as a leading night city

Thank you to all who provided meaningful feedback to help inform the Framework.