Parramatta City Centre LEP

(formerly the CBD Planning Proposal)

On 14 October 2022, the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 56) (or City Centre LEP) came into effect bringing in new LEP controls for the City Centre.

The finalisation of the City Centre LEP is a significant milestone in the growth and evolution of our CBD after many years of research, strategic planning and stakeholder consultation.

Accessing historical CBD Planning Proposal documents

The documents situated to the right of this web page under the heading 'Planning proposal documentation' constitute the CBD Planning Proposal and its supporting documents as exhibited from September to November 2020.

To access the planning proposal documentation as submitted to the Department on 1 July 2021 for finalisation purposes, head to our Parramatta CBD Planning webpage.

To access the City Centre LEP instrument - Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 56) – head to the NSW legislation web site.

Public exhibition of the CBD Planning Proposal

Despite the exhibition period concluding in late November 2020, the exhibition materials are still available for viewing under the 'Planning proposal documentation' heading on this page. Here you will also find a Community Summary Sheet which summarised the exhibited version of the Planning Proposal in plain English. Answers to frequently asked questions are also available by scrolling further down the page. However, given the changes to the City Centre LEP by the Department, much of this material no longer reflects the finalised City Centre LEP.